Gym Garden Studio.jpg

The Gym

Create your very own home workout space where you can train hard without troubling others in your household. Enough space for gym equipment or to follow an online workout. Ideal for yoga, pilates, or other exercise routines also. 

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The Beauty Room

Many people have turned their hobby into a business. You can work from home in your Garden Studio an avoid large rent and rates bills


The Office

The home office in the tranquil surroundings of your own garden. A very popular option as a result of Covid pandemic. Home working is the future. Enquire how we can get your new office space in place for you today!

art studio.jpg

The Art or Music Studio

If you need some tranquility to read, write, paint your own garden studio might just be the place you find an abundance of inspiration. 


The Man Cave

Our luxury garden studios are the ideal way to add extra space to your home for relaxation or entertaining family and friends. It's looking like 2021 is going to be another year where our opportunities to go out and to travel are going to be restricted. We offer you a great solution to have more quality time at home

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The Multi-Use Studio

There is no reason why you won't find a number of uses of your own for your new Garden Studio.